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Parts Research and Specification for Computer Build Project

During this phase, you will be transforming your requirements into an actual parts list. You may need to research your customer's requirements in order to translate them into tangible component requirements.

The text and the dissection should hopefully have given you a feel for the main components of a computer system and some basic ideas about how they connect and interact. You should read the full article How to Build a PC to give you a good foundation on how you will be assembling the different components in order to build your PC. This will also be a good refresher and reinforcement for the text and class material.

From this preparation, you should be able to start putting together a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel that documents your component requirements. In staring your spreadsheet, you should list the critical components necessary for your systems (e.g., system unit, motherboard, power supply, etc.). You can then start refining those components using your understanding of the customer's requirements.

You can then start searching for prices for the components that you want. Since we are working in the real world at a public college, your choice of venders may be constrained by state supply contracts. Dr. Wunder and I will provide you with additional details on this when we reach this stage of the project.

Once you have some ideas on components and cost, we will provide you with a budget for how much you can spend on your components. You may have to make some difficult cost/benefit choices during the process. When you have brought your component list into conformance with the budgetary constraints, we will go ahead and order the parts for your to move forward with the project.

Your deliverable for this phase will be your spreadsheet of parts with pricing and comparison with the set budget. The spreadsheet should include at least one pie chart depicting the relative amounts of the total cost spent on each component (or component type).

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