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The ITEC 1001 faculty would like your feedback on the course. Listed below are the course goals. Are we covering the technology skills that will assist students in their GGC courses? The specific software packages we're covering are Excel, Word & PowerPoint. Some ITEC faculty have expanded into other software/skills such as Access (databases) and web page creation. Do you have any preferences for specific technology skills that we are not covering or that you prefer we cover at a minimum?

ITEC1001, Introduction to Computing Course Outcome Goals

Understand the evolution of information technology and future trends

Describe the ethical issues surrounding the uses of digital information

Demonstrate proficiency in the use of various personal productivity software

Understand the functionality and interaction among the main hardware components of a computer and appropriate terminology

Acquire basic knowledge of computer security, protection mechanisms and privacy threats on Internet

Understand the role of computing tools in supporting collaborative projects

Understand the principles of computer networking

Understand the different types of applications and systems software and their roles in computing


What do faculty think about making ITEC1001 a course which students must take during the first year? If we want to ensure that all students are prepared technologically for their coursework by the spring semester of the first year, then it seems like we need to make sure everyone takes it during the first year, much in the way GGC1000 is required. In this way all sophomore or higher level course could safely assume a certain amount of technological preparedness of all students who started at GGC. If it's not required early, then it could be difficult for professors to expect a consistent level of technological preparedness until junior year (once gen ed requirements are complete).

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