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Constitutional Guidelines for Faculty/Staff Advisors and Students of GGC Student Clubs and Organizations:

Article I: “The name of the organization shall be “Feel the Beat”

Article II: “Feel the Beat ” shall promote social, cultural and athletic benefits of social dancing among the members and students of Georgia Gwinnett college by providing the opportunity to learn, practice and enjoy dances of other cultures and societies.

Article III: Eligibility for Membership • “Student membership is limited to students enrolled in Georgia Gwinnett College in good academic standing” • “Hazing will not be used as a condition of membership in this organization.” • “Only student members who are active (attend most meetings) and in good standing are eligible to vote.” • “Membership is open to all students regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability”

Article IV. Dues: $10 per member

Article V. Student Officers and Duties

Sarah Iqbal Sarah I. - Founder/President: shall supervise all aspects of Club operations and preside at all meetings, which will be called on by the President as well. Choreograph various dances (by teaching members) and represent the club at GGC.

Anil Dhanani – Vice president shall perform all the duties of the president in the absence of the president.

Yusra Azhar – Treasurer: manage all the club’s funds and maintain records of the club’s monetary transactions. Arrange for preparation and prepare the annual financial summary with the treasurer.

Cynthia Giles - Publicist: will be in charge of letting people know regarding special events through email, flyers, as well as jovo2go/ distribution of publications. Will also assist in coordinating special events

Jaclyn Byrd – Secretary: Record and maintain the minutes of the meetings, member’s attendance,

Article VI. The Club Advisor : Dr. Jennifer Wunder

Article VII. Election Procedures and Filling of Officer Vacancies: The Election committee shall consist of all the club members along with the advisors. People in the election committee should be active club members and will vote on the candidate whose running for the officer positions. No member nominated as a candidate for any position shall collect or tally votes. The Election committee shall have a vacancy if there are fewer than four members on the Committee, or the member of the committee resigns. Replacement members shall be chosen among the members. Article VIII: Parliamentary Practice: The Board of trustees shall consist of the four officers, and club members. Membership can increase at any time of the year. Meetings shall be held once a month at minimum with more meetings possible. The Club officers will keep in contact through email & phone and will assume normal responsibilities and discuss club meetings. The secretary shall send out a reminder before each meeting to the club members and the advisors to attend the meeting along with the agenda. All the operations of the club will be discussed with the advisors and the members, and will only happen on their consent.

Article IX: Impeachment and Removal from Organization Procedures “All students are expected to adhere to the standards of the GGC Code of Conduct.” Members shall observe the norms of the social etiquette and rules/ regulations of this Dance team. Failure to comply with any of the above shall result in revocation of membership from the club. If Impeached, dues will be refunded

Article X: Constitutional Amendment would occur through 2/3 of the votes.

Article XI: Club History: Since October 1, 2007.

                               Date constitution was ratified: October 20, 2007

Article XII. All club members are expected to adhere to the guidelines noted above and to be familiar with the GGC student handbook in its entirety. Violations of the above Guidelines, the GGC Code of Conduct, and/or Student Handbook policies may result in disciplinary procedures and/or suspension of club/organization privileges

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