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My name is Blessing Ferkah I was born in Bronx New York. At 2 years old I moved to Ghana which is located at the western part of Africa to live with my aunt on my fathers side. Unfortunately i grew up without having a lot of money but this taught me character and humbleness a trait that i am proud to say i still have today. I also got to learned my language and a lot about my culture. I moved to the Gwinnett Georgia when I was 5 and started elementary school about a month later. The whole transition was tough at first but surely enough with my mothers help i adjusted fairly quickly. I attended Alcova Elementary School where i learned how to speak proper English as well as read and write in English.I attend a middle school and high school relativity close to my elementary school and this allowed me to be familiar with my community and grow up with same people. i graduated from Dacula high school in 2018 and is currently attending Georgia gwinnett college.



  • Reading
  • Going For walks
  • music
  • Watching Sports

Favorite Links

#ibooks- [[1]]
#Forever 21 [[2]]
#Netlix [[3]]
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