GG3 Hymenoptera ER

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Morphospecies 1 ER



Location: (33°59′03.87″ N, 84°00′20.37″ W)

Date: February 2016

H': 2.272121051

Collection Method: Pitfall trap

Order Characteristics: two pairs of membranous wings unless wingless, if wings are present the forewings are larger than hindwings, chewing mandibulate mouthparts, large compound eyes, and most have a “waist”.


Ecological Importance:

  • Seed dispersal
  • Feed on organic waste
  • Source of food for many animals

Economic/agricultural/human health importance:

  • Turns and aerates soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach plant roots

Collector Elin Roland

  • Same as Kaitlin Killeen's Hymenoptera
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