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This is the starting point for all GGC1000 course sections. Select your section below to go to the page for your section.

Fall 2009

Fall 2007

I would like to add myself to the the list of faculty on the main page and then link to my very own page

Sample Exam Collaboration Area

Every GGC1000 class includes the following assignment:

Create a 20 question test for a course you are currently taking and write the answers to each question. Include 5 questions for each of the following question type:
  1. true-false
  2. matching
  3. fill in the blanks
  4. essay questions

If we all add our questions to this wiki, we'll have great study guides. Once you complete your sample exam, post it below. If there already exists a link to your course and section, click on the link and editing the page to add your questions. Please keep the list of courses and sections in alphabetical order.

Sample Template - feel free to copy the code from this Sample Template when you begin your own exam questions page.

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