GGC1 Zach Chickachop Fall 2016 2

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Zach Found Homoptera.png


Morphospecies ID

Morphospecies 1 Homoptera

Shannon-Wiener H’


Date of collection

August 31, 2016

Location of collection

33.982343 / -84.005977

Distinguishing morphological features

Sucking mouthpart formed into a beak and is usually segmented in several parts, but the mouthpart is rising from the back of the head.

When wings are present, there are 4 wings. The front wings are leathery or membranous and uniform in texture throughout. The wings are held roof-like over the abdomen.

Antennae are short and bristle like or they are relatively long and slender (as seen in photo).

Ecological and Economic/Public health importance

Homoptera species are highly abundant herbivores in terrestrial habitats and act as pests to cultivated plants.

Aphids and leafhoppers in the order Homoptera are important carriers of plant diseases.

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