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Zach Found Thysanoptera.jpg


Morphospecies ID

Morphospecies 1 Thysanoptera

Shannon-Wiener H’


Date of collection

August 31, 2016

Location of collection

33.982343 / -84.005977

Distinguishing morphological features

The body is elongated or slender.

Short legs.

Tarsi is segmented in 1-2 sections. The tip of tarsi is swoolen.

When wings are present, they are long and thin with a hint of long hairs.

Antennas are short and segmented in 6-9 sections.

Sucking mouthpart.

Ecological and Economic/Public health importance

Thysanoptera species are destructive pests of plants as their feeding ways result in plant deformities, scarring, loss of yield, and transmission of plant pathogens.

Thysanoptera speices are beneficial in the sense that they can control mites and other small insects.

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