GGC Fabiola Rojas Fall 2016 1

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Morphospecies ID

Morphospecies 1

Shannon-Wiener H’


Date of collection

August 22, 2016

Location of collection

Latitude: 33°58'56.2" N

Longitude: 84°00'06.2" W

Site: GGC Site 4

Distinguishing morphological features

-Only front wings developed

-Knob-like halteres as hind wings

-Eyes are large

-Segmented tarsi

Ecological and Economic/Public health importance

Diptera species pollinate flowering plants, assist in the decomposition of organic matter, or serve as a biocontrol agent of insect pests.

Diptera species, however, are also known to acts as pests of agricultural plants and transmit diseases to humans and domestic animals.

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