GGC Fabiola Rojas Fall 2016 3

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Morphospecies ID

Morphospecies 1

Order: Coleoptera

Shannon-Wiener H’


Date of collection

August 22, 2016

Location of collection

Latitude: 33°58'56.2" N

Longitude: 84°00'06.2" W

Site: GGC Site 4

Distinguishing morphological features

-Front wings are hardened known as elytra; meeting in a straight line down the middorsal line of the back; Elytra covers hind wings and abdomen is not visible from above.

-Large pronotum.

-Absent cerci.

-Chewing mouthpart.

Ecological and Economic/Public health importance

Species in the order Coleoptera are important in decomposition cycles of plant and animal matter. They also play a role in acting as predators of insects and other invertebrates that harm crops and other plants.

However, beetles also feed on the foliage and roots of plants that cause damage to the crops and they are harm valuable forests by killing big tracts of the forest in a short period of time. Species in this order also damage wooden homes, furniture and stored foods and a number of other products.

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