GGC Fabiola Rojas Fall 2016 4

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Morphospecies ID

Morphospecies 4

Order: Trichoptera

Shannon-Wiener H’


Date of collection

August 22, 2016

Location of collection

Latitude: 33°58'56.2" N

Longitude: 84°00'06.2" W

Site: GGC Site 4

Distinguishing morphological features

-"Moth-like" appearance.

-4 membranous wings; Front wings longer than hind wings; Hairy wings with no scales; Wings are held over their back in roof-like manner.

-Thread like antennae; As long, if not longer than the body.

-Chewing mouthpart with well developed labial and maxillary palps.

-5 segmented tarsi.

-Absent cerci.

Ecological and Economic/Public health importance

Species in the order Trichoptera do not generally make an economic importance, however, they are beneficial in the trophic dynamics and energy flow in aquatic ecosystems. The larvae act as biological indicators of assisting in water quality as different species respond differently to various types of pollution.

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