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Article I. The name of the organization shall be called "GGC Student Film Club."

Article II. The purpose and/or mission of the aforementioned organization shall be as follows:

    (a)	The GGC Student Film Club is for students interested in hosting film screenings on campus. 
    (b)	The goal of the club is to expose its members and the GGC community to films that they have not seen before 
               and to enhance appreciation for those films that they have seen. 
    (c)	The organization will show cult, classic, foreign and independent films, but we are also interested in 
               bringing new, mainstream movies to campus. 
    (d)	The film club will play what students want to see; therefore, recommendations and club membership are 
               strongly encouraged.

Article III. Eligibility for Membership

    (a)	Student membership is limited to students enrolled in Georgia Gwinnett College with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
    (b)	Hazing will NOT be used as a condition of membership in this organization.
    (c)	Only student members who are active and in good standing are eligible to vote in the organization.
    (d)	Membership is open to all students regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, 
               sex, age, disability, or sexual orientation. 
    (e)	Members must sign the "ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY and COVENANT NOT TO SUE" document.
    (f)	Members must be registered in the JOVO2GO system.
    (g)	Only student members who are active and in good standing as determined by the Georgia Gwinnett Student 
               Handbook are eligible to vote in the organization.
    (h)	All students are expected to adhere to the standards of the GGC Code of Conduct and academic integrity.

Article IV. Club Finances and Membership Dues

    (a)        The Film Club will not collect standard regular per semester or annual dues.
    (b)	The Film Club plans to collect event dues and fees as deemed necessary by club  
               planning committees with final approval of Club Members, Film Club President, 
               Vice President, Treasure, and Faculty Advisor.
    (c)	The aforementioned event dues and fees will be collected from both members 
               and non-members.
    (d)	Club will utilize funding, if provided by the Student Activity Fee Allocation 
               Committee (SAFAC), to assist in providing for but not limited to the following: 
               volunteer activities, social events, documentation services, and safe space 

Article V. Student Officers and Duties

    (a)	President – An elected President will preside at all meetings of the Club. He or She will maintain 
                           the power to appoint all committee chairpersons and shall present all notions to the club 
                           membership with regards to club activities and actions.
    (b)	Vice President – A Vice-President shall be elected whose duties shall be to preside at all meetings and
                               functions that the President cannot attend and assist the President in directing the affairs 
                               of the club.
    (c)	Treasure – A Treasure shall be elected whose duties shall be to handle all dues, fees, and accounts at all 
                          stated meetings and protocol, and conduct other such duties as assigned by the President. The 
                          Treasure shall maintain all financial records and shall counter-sign all financial transactions 
                          with the President or Faculty Advisor.
    (d)	Secretary – The Secretary shall be appointed and/or elected to handle all administrative duties including 
                           but not limited to the following as assigned by the President: Meeting Minutes, Membership 
                           Roster, Club Marketing, etc.
    (e)	Event Coordinator(s) – The club shall have at least one or more persons designated as Event Coordinators 
                                      will chair/manage event committees to direct volunteer opportunities, social events, 
                                      and other events as directed by the President.
    (f)	Marketing Director – The Marketing Director shall be responsible for all promotions, flyers, and working 
                                    with both the President and Event Coordinators to market the screenings and events. 

Article VI. The Club Adviser of Record is Dr. Rodney Hill.

    (a)	The Club Advisor of Record is noted in the attached "Officers of Record" document.
    (b)	The loss of an advisor does not void club but may put club activities on-hold until a new advisor can be 
    (c)	Georgia Gwinnett College requires that each club have a Faculty Advisor, that being said the Advisor is chosen 
               by the club and will receive an "Invitation to Advise" Letter at the beginning of the Fall Semester each year. 
               If the advisor does not receive this letter a new advisor will be selected from available candidates based on 
               a 2/3 vote and the approval of the President and Vice President.

Article VII. Election Procedures and Filling of Officer Vacancies

    (a)	Elections will be held by the end of the first month of the Fall term based on submissions and a 2/3 vote.
    (b)	Vacancies will be filled as the need arises also based on a 2/3 vote.
    (c)	The 2/3 vote is based from members who are both active and have met the requirements to become a member 
               including but not limited to the signing of the liability waver and registration in the Jovo2Go system.
    (d)	A member wishing to participate in the elections process must make formal submission in one of the clubs 
               meetings and be prepared to present the value that they plan to bring to the position being filled and why our 
               members should choose them over other candidates. This presentation will be expected even if only one 
               candidate is running for the position.
    (e)	All candidates will be given equal opportunity in their submission and all elections will be handled in a 
               timely manner.
    (f)	Active membership is defined as being on the membership roster, actively participating in meetings, and/or 
               being a contributing member of the club. 

Article VIII. Parliamentary Practice

    (a)	Robert’s Rule of Order Newly Revised, 10th ed. (Cambridge, Mass.: Perseus Publishing, 2000). 

Article IX. Impeachment and Removal from Organization Procedures

    (a)	All students are expected to adhere to the standards of the GGC Code of Conduct in regards to the Impeachment 
               and Removal from Organization Procedures.
    (b)	In addition to the GGC Code of Conduct all students are expected to adhere to supporting the club mission 
               noted in Article II or may be asked to leave the organization (students will be given one warning regarding to 
               violation and removal will be subject to the same 2/3 vote based from active members as noted in Article XII 
    (c)	Officers will be eligible and elected to serve a term of two semesters or until a successor is elected, which 
               also means that the officers may be removed before the term expires. Therefore, the elections may be rescinded 
               as need or just cause arises.
    (d)	If student is removed from minor violations of the GGC Code of Conduct such as GPA requirements they may 
               petition for re-entry into the club but these will be handled on a case by case with the final approval of the 
               President and Faculty Advisor which depending on the type of violation may be put to 2/3 vote process based 
               from active members as noted by Article XII above.

Article X. Constitutional Amendment Process.

    (a)	The Amendment Process will be governed by a 2/3 vote process based from 
               active members as noted in Article XII above (Includes all policy and position changes.)

Article X. Constitutional Amendment Process

    (a)	The Amendment Process will be governed by a 2/3 vote process.

Article XI. Club/Organization History

    (a)	The GSA Club was ratified September 25, 2007.
    (b)	Club was approved by the Council on Student Organizations (COSO) and signed by the Director of Student 
               Activities & Leadership Programs on April 2, 2008. 

Article XII. All club members are expected to adhere to the guidelines noted above and to be familiar with the GGC Student Handbook in its entirety. Violations of the above Guidelines, the GGC Code of Conduct, and/or Student Handbook policies may result in disciplinary procedures and/or suspension of club/organization privileges.

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