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Tom Willard - GSA President

Megan Flanigan - GSA VP

Randy Waddell - GSA Treasurer and Event Coordinator

CLUB MISSION Promoting tolerance and equality among all students through educational efforts and awareness-building. Informing about issues and events affecting the lives of all students. Creating a safer, more respectful learning environment for all students through exposure to diversity and establishing common ground. Partnering with administration and others on-campus clubs to expose and dismantle oppressions, intolerance and prejudice in all of their expressions. Creating a safe, welcoming space for GLBT and Straight Ally students to socialize and talk together about issues they hold in common and also setting up a safe-space program for students to feel free to go talk about issues without judgment. Promoting external community involvement through volunteer opportunities.

GOALS OF THE GSA The goals of the GSA are center on these core competencies which are based from the Georgia Gwinnett College Mission:

1. To promote academic, social, and personal development. 2. To inspire leadership and foster active citizenship. 3. Thorough awareness building, to prepare future leaders who anticipate and respond effectively to diversity and our changing world

    with tolerance and respect.


1. Volunteering - Establish relationship with or similar organization for participation in group volunteer efforts with at least 2 events per school year in an effort to inspire homeless (GLBT youth and others) to obtain their GED and take steps toward attending college and becoming contributing citizens in society.

2. Educational Efforts - Contribute articles (School Newspaper/letter or outside publication with mention of school for publicity) and/or School displays on campus (at least 1-2 per school year) to promote diversity and tolerance of specific groups. This may be tied to calendar-based established months such as the following examples: •February – Black History Month •March – Women’s History Month •October – National Breast Cancer Month •October – Gay & Lesbian History Month

3. Educational Efforts - Participation in “GGC-1000” classes with regards to diversity-awareness through direct presentation, support video, and/or literature, ensuring that 100% of students taking these classes receive diversity awareness training.

4. Social Needs - Plan college-wide social event(s) sponsored by the GSA (1-2 or more per school year) for the purpose of building relationships and providing additional college social activities.

5. Safe Space - Establish “Safe Space” Outreach Program throughout the college with at least 4-5 faculty/students that are identified (on a volunteer basis) as go-to persons to assist a student with a crisis by providing information and/or offering a safe place where they can find someone who understands their needs. There would need to be a sign/symbol/patch or some way of identifying these persons. Faculty would put a small symbol on their office door. Students may ware a patch/badge of some type that symbolizes that they are a part of this program. As a part of this program the GSA would offer workshops for faculty and students in regards to “Safe Space 101” and “Becoming an Ally”.

WHY DO WE NEED A GSA CLUB? Growth of school depends on adding diversity to school enrollment. Creating a welcoming environment also adds to enrollment growth (an open-minded school is a growing school). GSA diversity prepares students for working environment where upon they will deal with many cultures and issues that may or may not conflict with their own personal issues. Creating a safe-space is good for all The school is all about learning and learning must be about all cultures.

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