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This club will empower its members by promoting leadership and culture
by educating the community, students, faculty, and staff about global issues,
international students, and cultural diversity, through collaborative activities.
We will focus on promoting diversity as a source of strength rather than division

ISA Advisors

Anthony Pinder - Director of Internationalization

2010 (Founding) Officers

President - Franco Chevalier

Vice-President - Christian Theis

Secretary - Jordiana Chevalier

Treasurer - Jessica Picazo

Current Officers

President - Christian Theis -

Vice-President - Diana Oladokun -

Secretary - Massa Hoff -

Treasurer - Meiling Lamquach-Holt -

Upcoming Events

GGC's First Annual International Week

Dates: March 21-25, 2011

A list of events will be posted soon...

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