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2011 Student Organization Fair, Babette's hair, Christian Theis , Tiffany McCarty, Katheryn Nikolich, Mei Ling Lamquach-Holt, and the Tree of Knowledge!(inside joke)

This club is for anyone who is interested in politics.
We welcome political science majors and non political science majors, one of our officers is a history major!
Whatever your political leanings, or level of participation we hope to have something for everyone.
If you are taking a political science class, including American Government and having trouble with some of the concepts feel free to ask us for help.

We encourage our members to attend Grad School and participate fully in all available programs. Please scroll down to our resources section "Opportunities at GGC for those interested in Politics", to find helpful links.

What's up with the name Polis? It was easier than calling ourselves πόλις. Polis is the English translation of the ancient Greek for citizen, body of citizens. (You, the people)
There was some debate as to if it should be all caps, since it is a word and doesn't stand for anything like, People Ordering Lasagna in School, its lower case.

Hot News!

We have a new website!

[| Click here for the website]
If you want to help with updating our websites, wiki or anything else please contact us!
We look forward to working with you.


We want you!

We Want you!

[| Click here!] go here, log in, find Polis and apply.


Polis is recruiting friendly GGC students who are looking for a way to expand their horizons. We have many opportunities to gain experience and explore new challenges. Our activities are open to all students enrolled at GGC. We are not just for Political Science Majors, some of our officers are from other disciples! New perspective add richness and depth to our organization. The more the merrier!

Other Clubs

We are always looking for opportunity to work with other GGC clubs and organizations. Please contact our President to arrange a join event or participate as a club in one our our sponsored activities. We look forward to working with you!


Check out our website for the most up to date meeting information. [| Polis Website]

Study Group

I will post links to the study groups for each of the POLI SCI course which have study groups. If you want to start your own, let me know and I will link to your wiki here. Click Here



Student Organization Advisers

Faculty Advisor

Keiley Listermann09.jpg

Margaret Keiley-Listermann

Dr. Prince, we are working on getting a more recent picture.

For Poli Sci Majors!


For those who are registered or plan to register for the Practicum, Contact Dr. Keiley. For any questions or concerns email Dr. Keiley at

We need you!

If you are a political science major at GGC or thinking of becoming one, we need you to be part of Polis. There are no dues for membership, we only require that you be a student enrolled at Georgia Gwinnett College. We offer resources and support to enhance your college experience. There is not limit to the number of clubs a student can participate in, so we strongly suggest that you add a polis membership to your activities. Do you desire to participate fully and join us for event or run for office? Do you want to just us the wiki to find helpful resources? Do you want tutoring in a POLI course? Let us know, we welcome all levels of participation. Not a Poli Sci major? No problem we have something for everyone, check out Mock Trial and Debate Team, all of our activities are open to all students of all majors.

Poli Sci Concentrations offered at GGC

American Government
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Legal Studies
Teacher Certification

When will they offer the course I need!

One issue we hope to address is the lack of upper level course. Polis is working to coordinate its members to ensure that every POLS 3000-4000 level course meets it's required registration quotient. If you are interested in taking an upper level POLS class but have questions about prerequisites or other concerns, speak to us, we maybe able to help or put you in touch with someone who can help you.

Interesting links for poli sci majors

Want to add to this list, contact the communications committee!
[vote view] Developed a neat system of judging candidates based on ideology, check it out.

[vote view Polarized America] very cool chart showing polarization from founding to current [Real clear Politics] Look down on the bottom right and click on polls, they list all of the polls from all other media sources.

Book Suggestions:

Want to add to this list, contact the communications committee!
[to Amazon] Myth of the Independent Voter Not avalible at GGC or Gwinnett Co Public Library.

Meet the Faculty

[Pix of all the people who make our education possible]
[Link to rate my professor, when you do your ratings be sure to give Keiley-Listermann a chili!] PolisChili3.jpg

Opportunities at GGC for those interested in Politics

Can't find what you were looking for? Contact the Communications Chair and give us feedback.

Communications Committee...Staying in touch, Staying involved

Visit our Facebook page

GGC Polis

Visit our Website

| Make sure you sign up with us to get updates and events
The website is lacking in coolness.... If you have what it takes to rock it out, please contact Communication committee to volunteer your time! We want everything to be as amazing as the wiki.....but that may be impossible... without you!

Volunteering for the Communications Committee

I will use any excuse to post a pix of Monty!

Are you a Facebook fanatic? A webmaster? A wild wiki maker? If you took digital media and wondered what the heck you would do with all that useless is your opportunity.

The purpose of this committee is to serve the Secretary and keep lines of communication open and clear. You will soon discover that this job is too big for one person. The Secretary's job is to keep the machine moving, they will delegate responsibility down to the committee and ensure proper direction. The Communications Committee Chair reports direct to the Secretary (for assignments), AND to the Vice President(general club oversight, see Club Constitution).

This is a committee for well organized creative people who do not have a lot of free time to participate but want to make a meaningful contribution to the club.
We need volunteers to assist with the following task:

  • Email Blast - This person will work with the Secretary to maintain a list of current club members and interested parties. Email blast are sent out to alert for upcoming meetings, events or issues.
  • Wiki- Maintaining and building this monster is a major job.
  • Facebook- keep our members and alumni in the loop, Let's be Friends~!
  • Collegiate Website This is hosted by the college so it is limited by easy to use.
  • Recorder of minutes/ Keeper of History The Secretary may write the notes in the meetings but you need to record them on the wiki and keep a copy someone else, keep track of our history and make sure we have backups.

These are just a few positions available, please contact the Communications Chair for more information!

How do you make and use a wiki?

I created this guild specifically for the Polis wiki.
Click here


Debate Team

An inter club activity open to all members of all majors!

Still in early development we will be sponsoring events around campus and hope to start competing with other colleges by summer 2012.

If you are a member of another club, and would like to discuss multi-club participation, please contact our President for more information.

On March 22nd (6pm), in the theme of International Week, there will be a debate in the Elvis Room at the Student Center. The Debate Team is currently looking for potential team members who want to debate the issue. Below is the topic of the debate:

  • "Resolved: The intervention of an international community in domestic issues is just when it becomes apparent that a nation's

government is deliberately and systematically murdering its civilians in order to terrorize its population into submission."

If you are interested, please email or

Mock Trial

An inter club activity open to all members of all majors!
This is for serious competition and requires a strong commitment to the team.
A prerequisite for participation in this activity is completion of a college level US Constitutional Law class.

If you are a member of another club, and would like to discuss multi-club participation, please contact our President for more information.

Due to the prerequisite for this activity we will be unable to compete until GGC offers US Constitutional Law, which should be Fall of 2011, make sure you sign up if you are interested in this activity.

If you are interested, please email

Volunteering for the Activites Committee


This committee is VERY ACTIVE (the name should be a tip off). You don't have to act like a squire who had one too many espressos to be on this committee, but it helps.
This is the committee that turns all of those "Hey I have an idea!" moments into reality. The Chairman of this Committee MUST be committee to this as a full time job, if done with a great group of people, and proper delegation it should not be that bad.

Unlike Communications that has well defined jobs, Activities are currently an unorganized group of amazing people who make miracles happen. One of the keys to this is our ability to work with many other clubs on projects. The friendliest people in our club should be on this committee. Less is more, it is better to do 3-4 activities successfully then attempt to do 10 and fail miserably. If you feel overwhelmed ask for help.
Since most of our activities involve meeting and engaging State, National and World leaders, it is critical that the people assigned to work with this focus are PROFESSIONALS, and present the public face we want to be associated with. If you smell funny and love sharing your conspiracy theories with the dead parrot you have tied to your shoulder, perhaps the communications committee would be a better fit(or run for an officer position :) ) The Communications Chair is responsible for making sure that all events and activities are moving forward. They report directly to the Vice-President, who then keeps the Officers informed about progress or tells us to knock off the big ideas!
Many of our activities are not of our own making, but rather assigned to us by faculty or the school. We should provide the same level of effort to all of our activities. Report progress through the same channels as normal, the Vice President and President will handle the outside contacts.
Some groups under Activities SHOULD run themselves with independent Committees made up of the people who are participating. Both of these groups are open to people of all majors and club affiliations (These are teams that are formed with other Clubs). They should provide a large pool of volunteers and require little direct intervention.

  • Mock Trial
  • Debate

2010 Activities

Mei Ling Lamquach-Holt, Katheryn Nikolich, Tiffany McCarty, Christian Theis

Our activities have been limited this year as we had to rebuild the club's foundations, we hope to do more in the coming years.

  • Oct 2010 Reorganize Club
  • Nov 2010 Food Drive

2011 Activities

  • Jan Student Organization Fair
  • Feb Logo Contest
  • Mar Debate Team preforms for International Week!
      • Poli Sci Summer/ Fall Class Organization Strategy

Meet the Club

2011-2012 Officers

President - Christian Theis -

Vice President - Katheryn Nikolich -

Secretary - Mei Ling Lamquach-Holt -

Treasurer - Aaron Lynch -

Non-officer Committee Chairs

Activities - Michael Christian -

Communications - Babette Rennow -

2010-2011 Officers

President - Babette Rennow -

Vice President - Katheryn Nikolich -

Secretary - Tiffany McCarty -

Treasurer - Michael Christian -

Non-officer Committee Chairs
Activities - Mei Ling Lamquach-Holt -

Communications - Christian Theis -

Organizational Chart Click Here
Don't click the pix, click the link up there ^

Active Members

What is an active member? Someone who fully participates in our events and activities. This is where you can post a link to your ggc wiki page, post a photo (make sure you label everyone in the photo) or just say "hi" feel free to edit here. Not sure how to edit a wiki? Click here
Now that you know how to do, make your own! Babette Rennow I enjoy editing the club's wiki at 2am, makes Christian's job more fun..

Terms we use

Feel free to add to this
Herding Cats The process of getting very distracted people to move forward in the same direction. A term used to describe a frustration with a slow going disorganized mess.
Resume EnhancementSomething done for the sole purpose of self-aggrandizing. Used as a derogatory term. A selfish act.

Club History

Mei Ling Lamquach-Holt, Christian Theis, Lucia Longville, Zachary Lawson, Babette Rennow at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the GPSA In Savannah,GA

  • 2008-2009
  • 2009-2010

Issues with meetings and club functions

  • 2010-2011 Officers/Committees President - Babette Rennow, Vice President - Katheryn Nikolich, Secretary - Tiffany McCarty, Treasurer - Michael Christian

Non-officer Committee Chairs, Activities - Mei Ling Lamquach-Holt, Communications - Christian Theis

  • 2011-2012

President - Christian Theis Vice President - Katheryn Nikolich Secretary - Mei Ling Lamquach-Holt Treasurer - Aaron Lynch

2010-2011 Activities

  • Oct 2010 Canidate Forum GA Rep Dist 7 and 4 W/ League of women voters
  • Nov 2010 Food Drive
    • 2010 Annual Meeting of the GPSA In Savannah, GA,
      • Panel Presentation: Examination of Central Themes in Modern political Theory,
        • Zack Lawson, Babette Rennow, Lucia Longville, Mei Ling Lamquach-Holt, and Christian Theis.
  • Dec 2010 Begin organizing a Debate Team & Mock Trials

Our logo was selected in March of 2011 after our logo contest, Tiffany McCarty submitted the winning logo! Here are her words describing the logo: Laurel leaves were symbols of the ancient Greeks, signifying praise and scholarship, often given to graduates of university. The intertwining snake, called an Ouroboros, was the symbol used by philosphers to mean strength and eternity. The four lobes of the knot represent the Four elements (Fire, Air, Earth and Water).

Due to request, the placeholder Super Squirel will be recorded as our first unoffical logo.... here... Enjoy! Squirrel.jpg