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Meetings during Spring 2009

During April 2009, we'll meet every week in B-1500. Meetings are open to all GGC students, staff, and faculty. Come join us -- and bring a friend.

Taking a Break - 11/26/08

Need total of 20 students, faculty, and/or staff to commit before starting a Toastmasters club. If interested, contact Nannette Napier through GGC email. Once we have enough people interested, we can talk about scheduling meetings again.

Meetings during Fall 2008

We'll meet every two weeks in B-1800 (inside the library on the first floor. When you go in, make a left and the room is just past the reference librarian). Meetings are open to all GGC students, staff, and faculty. Come join us -- and bring a friend.

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About the proposed GGC club

  • Who? Membership will be open to GGC students, staff, and faculty
  • What? The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.
  • When? Most Toastmasters clubs meet weekly or bi-weekly. Hopefully, by the end of Spring 2008 semester, we will be able to establish a regular meeting day and time. For now, a series of organizational meetings are planned to
  1. Begin practicing speaking and leadership skills
  2. Introduce the GGC community to Toastmasters
  3. Determine club name and dues
  4. Complete necessary forms to charter a club (both at GGC and with Toastmasters International)
  5. Elect acting officers
  6. Determine meeting time and frequency
  7. Help publicize the club to increase membership
  8. Determine whether to start a Gavel Club or formal Toastmasters Club
  • Why?
    • Learn by doing, not listening to lectures
    • Learn how to prepare for class presentations
    • Increase confidence when responding to impromptu interview questions
    • Network with other area Toastmasters clubs
    • Practice running effective meetings

Officers (2008-09)

President: Varughese Thomas

Vice President: Kacie Tompkins

Recruiter: TBD

Secretary: TBD

Treasurer: TBD

Sergeant-at-Arms: TBD

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nannette Napier

Officer's Meeting, Sept 4, 2008

Interested Members

Dr. Sonal Dekhane


Summer 2008 Meetings

Organizational Meetings

  • If you are interested in helping start this club, please plan to attend the following organizational meetings:
    • Tuesday, March 25 from 4-5 pm, Location B-1800 (Inside the library)
    • Tuesday, April 8 from 4-5 pm, Location B-1800 (Inside the library)
    • Tuesday, April 22 from 4-5 pm, Location B-1800 (Inside the library)
      • Guest Speaker: Jay Hopson,Title: Stop Whining and Start Winning
  • If you are interested but cannot make these times, please contact Dr. Nannette Napier via GGC email (nnapier).

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