GGC Trish Archer Summer 2017 1

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Coleoptera 1.jpg



Morphospecies ID

"Morphospecies 1 - Tumbling Flower Beetle"

Shannon-Wiener H'


Date of Collection

May 25, 2017

Location of Collection


Distinguishing Morphological Features

Body: small, wedge-shaped; body arched, head bent downward; abdomen usually prolonged into a style or pointed process; protruding ovipositor Legs: hind legs in most species very long and stout, fitted for leaping Wings: FW hardened (elytra), nearly always meeting in a straight line down mid-dorsal line of the back; elytra covers HW and abdomen consequently abdominal segmentation is not visible from above; elytra sometimes shorter, not covering entire abdomen Mouthparts: chewing Antennae: long and slender Habitat: Common on flowers and foliage; sometimes on dead trees and logs. Larvae occur in dead or dying hardwoods, in pith of weeds or in bracket fungi.

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