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A software program or hardware device designed to prevent unauthorized access to computers or networks

How it works?

  • Sits as a gateway between two networks
  • They started as simple routers but became firewall due to how they could segment a network into different physical sub networks
  • It may allow all traffic through unless it meets certain criteria
  • It may deny all traffic through unless it meets a certain criteria

Who needs a Firewall?

  • Anyone with a private network that is connected to a public network
  • Anyone with a single computer connected to the internet

Top 10 Firewall Software

  1. McAfee ($24.99)
  2. Webroot ($19.99)
  3. Trend Micro ($24.95)
  4. BullGuard ($23.96)
  5. Kaspersky ($39.99)
  6. Bitdefender ($19.97)
  7. Vipre ($39.99)
  8. ESET ($39.99)
  9. Avira ($25.99)
  10. Pareto Logic ($39.97)


LAN – Local Area Network

WAN – Wide Area Network

Firewall is a security software intended to prevent unauthorized access to system software or data

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