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Computer Mice



The mouse helps human interface by giving a physical input device for human contact. Types of interaction devices had been in use via the military since Post WWII in 1946 when pointers were used on radar instruments. Since then mice have come a long way. The first patent was in November of 1970. Macintosh was cursed in the 80's by an editor claiming the mouse would cause Macintosh to fail. The mouse allows the human to point and click items on the monitor.


The most common mice include

  • Rollerball
  • Optical
  • Laser
  • Trackpad

Options include wired and wireless variants The average mouse runs anywhere from $3-$20 Some high performance mice can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars


  • Dirt in trackball mice
  • Wear
  • Wireless batteries die

The Future

  • 3D
  • mycestro
  • airmouse



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