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The Keyboard

Typewriter style uses an arrangement of buttons or keys to act as mechanical levers or electronic switches. the characters are engraved or printed on the keys and the press of a key corresponds to a single written symbol. How ever you can create different keys by pressing and holding different keys simultaneously.


The ancestor is the typewriter. The keyboard derives largely from the utility of two devices- teleprinters and keypunches. This is where keyboards inherited their layouts. In 1964, Bell Labs and M.I.T. created the MULTICS computer, a time-sharing, multi-user system with VDT, a video display terminal. Text was instantly visible on the screen as it was typed, which made communicating commands, programs, and controls to computers more efficient than previous teletype methods of input. By the late 1970s all computers used VDT and electric keyboards.The first keyboards that were sold in the 1970's were all built from scratch, piece by piece, and were heavy as they were fully mechanical.In the late 1970s Apple, Radio Shack and Commodore started manufacturing keyboards for their computers, paving the way for the modern assumption that all computers come with a keyboard, and that keyboards are the primary, standard input device.


It contains alphanumeric keys, modifier keys, cursor keys, system commands Types of Keyboards: All have advantages and disadvantages depending on what you need it for and what your price range is.

  • Bluetooth/RF/Wireless- helps eliminate wires, can switch computers easily
  • Trackball- standard keyboard with a built in trackball so a mouse isn't necessary
  • Laptop- built into the computer, usually more compact
  • Portable- small, lightweight, can fold
  • Numeric- numbers on side of standard keyboard, can be purchased separately
  • Gaming- are designed specifically for hardcore gamers, special keys for certain games
  • Flexible- It is flexible, can be rolled up and taken anywhere
  • Backlit- Has light behind each key to make it more visible in the dark
  • Ergonomic-Made for long term use, reduces muscle strain, etc.

Types of Keyboards

  • Standard Keyboard- most basic form of keyboards
  • Dvorak
  • Ergonomic Keyboards\
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Compact Keyboard
  • Internet Keyboard
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Laser Keyboard

Finding the right keyboard

Finding the right keyboard can be easy and sometimes it can be hard. You should first consider if you would like to use a wired keyboard or a wireless keyboard. Which is best for you? A wireless keyboard is great, but like all technology it has its downsides. When owning a wireless keyboard you must have it charged up when using it. Forgetting to recharge the keyboard can be very easy and a bad habit. No charge means no use. Now if you do decide to go with a wireless keyboard you must choose between a Bluetooth keyboard and a radio-frequency keyboard. Bluetooth keyboards are very convenient because they don’t require use of an usb connected to the computer; however, some Bluetooth devices are weaker and you will have trouble getting them to function properly. If you want a reliable wireless keyboard you should use a radio-frequency one. Picking the right switch in a keyboard is also a factor you should consider for purchasing a keyboard. The most common switch is the rubber dome switch in which you press the key and it uses a piece of rubber to send the signal to the computer that you have pressed it. Rubber dome switched are fair until the keys jam up or until you lose a key. You will have trouble getting the signal to the computer once you press the key if this happens. Scissor switched are also popular when it comes to keyboards. Scissor switches are very similar to rubber dome switches in the way that they operate, but they are slimmer and a little more uncomfortable when typing for long periods of time. Scissor switches are found on many apple keyboards. A new alternative to keyboard switches are cherry mx mechanical switches. Cherry mx mechanical switches are comfortable not only because they send a long signal to the computer, but because they start to send the signal before you even press the key all the way down, taking less pressure off of your fingers. Make sure you choose the right size keyboard for your hands, arms, fingers, and back. Your back being comfortable plays a big part in your typing ability. Keyboards that are being manufactured today don’t all have the QWERTY pattern. You can use a keyboard with a pattern that bests fits you. There are many different sizes, shapes, and designs to keyboards; however, its all about choosing which keyboard makes you feel comfortable for the right price.


Range:$6.00-$1000's Depending on the intended purpose keyboards can be very cheap or very expensive.


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