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When it identifies a virus, it gets placed into a secure area on your hard drive so it won't spread infection to other files. This procedure is known as quarantining.

  • Used to prevent, detect, and remove malicious computer viruses
  • Has to run at least once a week
  • Scan virus
  • Protect your computer or identities

In case you get a virus, shut down computer and boot it up with the antivirus installation disk. If the software does detect a virus, you may want to research to determine if the antivirus software will eradicate them completely or whether you will need to take additional steps to eliminate the virus. You can also go to the website of the antivirus company and they should have step by step instructions.

Types of Antiviruses

  • Microsoft Essentials contains antivirus but can only be used on windows 7 and up. It is free.
  • McAfee- need to pay
  • Norton- need to pay
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion's Security

Antiviruses have to be updated regularly but you can set most antivirus software to update automatically.

Classifications of Viruses

  • A polymorphic virus changes its own code or periodically rewrites itself to avoid detection.
  • A multipartite virus is designed to infect multiple file types in an effort to fool the antivirus software that is looking for it.
  • Stealth viruses temporarily erase their code from the files where they reside and then hide in the active memory of the computer.
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