Group 4 Diplura Spring 2016

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Morphospecies 1

Location of collection: (Lat: 38° 58'58.43N Long: 84° 00'21.33W)

Date of collection: 3/6/2016

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H'= 2.83




  • Simone Meadows
  • Levi Mang
  • Izzi Sloop
  • Daisy Santana

Distinguishing morphological features of Order:

  • 2 prong bristletails
  • 2 pincer-like cerci, caudal filaments
  • 2 long beaded antennae
  • Eyeless

Ecological Importance:

  • Diplura are generally cryptozoic predators that prey on collembola, mites and other diplurans. They aid in the leaf litter decomposition of soil and further the nutrient cycle by recycling organic matter quicker than other decomposers. Diplurans have a short lifespan and therefore contribute to leaf litter decomposition quickly.

Economic/agricultural/human health importance:

  • The diplura are important in leaf litter decomposition. In the nutrient cycle, diplura are decomposers who aid in nutrient recycling. Recently in New Zealand ceratin diplura species have been found to be an agricultural threat and pest to crops.
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