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Law Enforcement: The term that describes the individuals and agencies responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining public order and public safety. Law enforcement includes the prevention, detection, and investigation of crime and the apprehension and detention of individuals suspected of law violation

Use of Computers

  • Computer Forensics- analyzes computer systems to gather legal evidence for all law enforcement agencies.
  • Facial reconstruction systems
  • Computers store and document criminal activity and criminal records such as gang activity and tattoos
  • Computers that stimulate or recreate crime scenes, or wound causation analysis
  • Access to legal databases
  • Access to the DMV records
  • Warrent searches, record checks, write out tickets
  • Catalogue evidence
  • GPS


  • Mass orginzation
  • Access shared databases
  • Quicker analysis of information
  • Faster access for police on duty
  • Keep track of all officers with GPS
  • Tracking criminal demographics and movements
  • Software can to scanning thousands of live video streams from stop lights and other public camras


  • Easier hacker access
  • If power or internet fails could lose all important saved data
  • Misuse of power with internet access
  • Accidental computing errors
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