Group 4 Siphon Spring 2016

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Morphospecies 1

Location of collection: (Lat: 38° 58'58.43N Long: 84° 00'21.33W)

Date of collection: 3/6/2016

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H'= 2.83




  • Simone Meadows
  • Levi Mang
  • Izzi Sloop
  • Daisy Santana

Distinguishing morphological features of Order:

  • Tarsal claws with strong grip
  • Enlarged hind legs
  • Antennae that tuck into head grooves
  • Lateral compressed bodies

Ecological Importance:

  • Siphonaptera are responsible for pathogen or disease transmission. Siphonaptera such as fleas are intermediate host of tapeworms and allow the spread of tapeworm species. The siphonaptera are responsible for the transmission of the bubonic plague.

Economic/agricultural/human health importance:

  • Siphonaptera such as fleas have been used for human entertainment in flea circuses; although the different species are typically responsible for disease transmission from animals to humans. Veterinary scientist and zoologist now use many siphonaptera species in studies to improve flea prevention that can effect animals and humans.
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