Hina Ali: Homoptera 1

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Taxonomic Information:

  • Scientific Name: Cicadellidae
  • Order: Homoptera
  • Family: Cicadellidae
  • Class: Insecta

Collectors: Farzana Zerin, Mohammed Rafid, & Desiree Asah

Location of Collection:

  • Little Mulberry Park
  • 34.04060, -83.876840

Date of Collection: August, 2018

H' Value: 3.157529533

Morphological Features:

  • Thickened part of the antennae is very flat and ends with out bristle.
  • Two simple eyes are present on the top or front of the head.
  • Front wings not particularly thickened.

Ecological and Economic Importance:

  • Can transmit plant pathogens, such as viruses, phytoplasms, and bacteria.
  • Numerous parasitoids attack the eggs and the adults provide food for small insectivores.
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