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Hi, My name is Homer Simpson. My favorite food is Bacon, Pork chops, Sausages, Meat Loaf... all from a magical animal called the pig. I also like to eat vegetables. I am married to Marge and I have three kids named Lisa, Maggie and Brat (actually his name is Bart). Lisa and Maggie are great but Bart is a handful.

Me eating donut... mmm....


My Life

My Lovely Family

I work at a nuclear power plant for Mr. Burns (evil, evil, man and I have married to Marge Simpson who is the love of my life. I usually have a couple of donuts before lunch and have some more after lunch. I also have three children. Bart, Lisa, Maggie.

Sausages are delicious

My Friends

My best friend is Flanders. I go to church with him every Sunday (haha yeah right!). I also hang out a lot at Moe's tavern with my pals Lenny and Karl. I love to drink Duff beer and it tastes better with Peanuts. So people say that I am a alcoholic but I don't think I am one. My friend Barney is an alcoholic!


  • Bowling
  • Eating Bacon
  • Blowing up nuclear plant
  • Watching TV
  • Drinking Beer
  • Donuts


  • Masonry
I am not a good mason
  • Libraries
  • Books

My Favorite Links

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