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This is a picture of me and cat.
This is my family.


Hello, my name is Layla Hudaib. I was born in Georgia and have lived here my whole life except for two years, during those two years I lived in Jordan. I am 15 years old and I am a Move On When Ready student at GGC. This is my first time at GGC and I am a junior at Al-Falah Academy. It is a small private school in Lilburn. Over this summer I participated in Ga Tech's H.O.T Days. It was a five day camp where we focused on activities focusing in Electrical and Computer engineering.

My family includes one older sister and two older brothers. All of them are either in college or have graduated. They have all focused their degrees in STEM and I plan to do the same. My mother is from Iowa and is a business manager and my father is from Palestine and is a lab technician. I have two best friends which include my sister and someone whom I've known most of my life. I also have three cats.

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I am interested in things like:

  • Video Games
    • Legend of Zelda
      • My all time favorite is Twilight Princess.
    • Halo
      • It is my favorite first person shooting game.
  • Sports
    • Figure Skating
      • It is a hobby and activity I grew up doing.
    • Basketball
      • I have played for two years with my school and have participated in regional competitions.
  • Cartoon Shows
    • Voltron: Legendary Defenders
    • Star Wars Rebels
      • Anything Star Wars is great.

Future Plans

I hope to become a videogame designer and one day hope to work for Nintendo or Sony. I plan on getting at least my first year of college finished with GGC's Move On When Ready Program. After highschool I plan on doing several co-ops and/or internships with my college.


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