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Medical Breakthroughs in the last 100 years

1921 BCG Vaccine Discovered

BCG is a vaccine that was created to prevent Tuberculosis.The vaccine was developed over a period of years from 1908 to 1921, by two French bacteriologists Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin. They named the vaccine Bacillus Calmette-Guerin. The vaccine is given to infants shortly after bith if the infant has a high risk of tuberculosis.


Medline Plus

Center for Disease Control

Tatyana Broussard 12 Jan 2014

1928 Penicillin Discovered

In late 1928 after returning from vacation, Sir Alexander Fleming, found a petri dish that contained a virus had been contaminated with mold. Upon closer inspection he found that the area around the mold was free of the virus. This accidental contamination is now known as penicillin, which has saved countless number of lives worldwide.


Fleming Bio

Nobel Prize

Amy Hilton 10 Jan 2014

1953 Successful use of a Heart-lung Machine on a Human

Dr.John H. Gibbon Jr. first used the heart lung machine in 1928 while performing extra corporeal circulation of a cat. The heart-lung machine handled all of the heart & lung functions. After years of adjustments to the machine, Dr. John H. Gibbon Jr. used a "Model II" of the machine to perform inter cardiac surgery on 18 year old Cecelia Bavolek.

Model 2.jpg

Heart Lung Machine History

Today's studies

Luis Palmeros 14 Jan 2014

1954 Polio Vaccine Testing Begins

Dr. Jonas Salk, working at the University of Pittsburgh, begins large scale testing on the Polio Vaccine. His groundbreaking work has saved millions of people from getting infected with the polio virus. Cnewton DrJonasSalk.jpg

Salk History

Website about Polio

Lizzette Serrano 12 Jan 2014

1956 Linear Accelerator Used to Kill Cancer Cells

In 1956 Henry Kaplan,MD, used the first accelerator at Standford to treat a 2 year old boy, who had cancer.The accelerator is a X-ray treatment that kills off cancer cells.


Medical Accelerator

Uses of the Accelerator

Courtney Newton 14 Jan 2014

1957 Birth Control Pills are FDA Approved

When birth control pills were first approved by the FDA in 1957, they were not for contraceptive reasons they were only suppose to be used by women with menstrual disorders. It wasn't till 1960 that the pill was approved for contraceptive purpose. The pill was a huge success it is the most common form of birth control in the US.

Birth Control Pill.jpg

History of Birth Control Pill

Facts on Birth Control Pills

Chris Newton 8 Jan 2014 17:45

1967 First Heart Transplant

Though most people refer to Norman Shumway as the beginning of heart transplantation, the first adult human heart transplant was actually done by a South African doctor named Christiaan Barnard. Even though the transplant receiver died eighteen days after from pneumonia, the doctor still considered it a success because the transplanted heart was able to be maintained in the patient's body without the use of machines.

Christiaan Barnard.jpg Louis heart.jpg

Chris Barnard

A Timeline of Louis Washkansky

Morgan Woody 14 January 2014, 6:20 pm

1977 Pneumonia

The first vaccine for pneumonia was licensed in 1977. This first set of vaccines could prevent 14 different strands of the disease. By 1983, 23 different strands could be prevented. This vaccine was added to the vaccine set of shots in 2000 and has a 96% effectiveness rate in healthy children.


History of Vaccines

CDC facts

Geraldy Richard 14 Jan 2014

1978 First Meningococcal Vaccine

In the U.S., meningococcal disease is caused by groups A, B, C, Y, and W-135 of the meningococcus bacteria. In 1978, the first meningococcal vaccines were licensed in the United States and were effective against only two of the major groups of meningoccocus. Currently, licensed vaccines provide some protection against all groups except B and there is no licensed vaccine for group B in the U.S.

Meningitis vaccine 05.jpg



Ashley Taylor 14 Jan 2014

1922 Discovery of Insulin

After being granted permission to proceed with his project by the University of Toronto, Dr. Frederick G. Banting successfully used insulin to treat a diabetic patient on January 23, 1922. His discovery has saved countless number of lives in the United States and around the world.


Noble Prize in phisiology or Medecine 1923

Useful Informations On Diabetes

Fabrice Chekoua 10 Jan 2014

Insulin Pump

Insulin pumps are a small device that is attached to the body in order to release a steady amount of insulin into a layer of fat beneath the skin. The advantages of an insulin pump over injecting insulin is that it greatly reduces the amount of injections per day as well as better regulating the blood sugar level. The first Insulin pump was created by Alfred E. Mann, who was the CEO of Pacesetter Systems, in 1979 in order to decrease the amount of heart problems caused by diabetes.

Insulin Pump.jpg

Insulin Pump About

Insulin Pump History

Megan Leniuk 14 Jan 2014

1953 Heart Lung Machines

In 1953 Dr. Gibbon discovered the heart lung machine. The heart lung machine makes it possible for a patients heart and lungs to perform while surgery is taking place. This machine is commonly used while performing open heart surgery.


Heart Machine

Heart Machine History

Racquel Turner 14 Jan 2014

1996 Dolly The Sheep Cloned

In 1996, "Dolly" was cloned by Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell at the Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh.

Dolly1.jpg Dolly2.png

Roslin Insitute

Science Daily Article

'"Richard Lancaster"' 14 Jan 2014

2007 LC Detect Helps In Fight Against Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Is the leading Cancer Killer amongst Americans over the better part of the last decade. The problem with treating lung cancer is that when most of the time the tumors are detected they have grown in great size, proving very hard to treat. More often than not, many Americans begin showing symptoms like coughing up blood, fatigue, and severe weight loss, usually at this point the tumor has grown to a very dangerous size. One problem with Lung Cancer was the ability to detect it, most of the time the cancer is able to hide from your standard blood test. The LC test has proven to be very effective in helping detect Lung Cancer, and also potentially showing what stage the tumor may be in. Though the test itself doesn't provide an exact diagnosis it has been able to help detect, and combat early stages of Lung Cancer in not only the United States, but all over the world.

LC Test.jpg

Analyzing Protein Levels in Blood

LC Detect can lead to prevention

""Denis Blazevic"" 14 Jan 2014

2010 AIDS Drugs Lower the Risk of HIV Infection

Antiretroviral drugs have turned the AIDS epidemic around, by thwarting the virus in HIV-positive patients. But new research suggests that this powerful treatment may have another benefit — as a weapon against infection in healthy individuals. Trials have the risk of contracting HIV lowered by up to 73%.


AIDS Drugs Lower the Risk of HIV Infection

FDA Approves Drug To Reduce Risk Of HIV Infection

Kiah Lee 14 Jan 2014

2011 Breast Tomosynthesis

3D Mammography. Also called breast tomosynethesis, this new diagnostic imaging technology received FDA approval in 2011. It can be performed along with a traditional mammogram for more accurate screening. The x-ray arm of the machine makes a quick arc over the breast, taking dozens of images at various angles that are then merged into a 3D image. Preliminary study results in 25,000 women report a 47 percent rise in cancer detection when tomosynethesis was used.




Keith Loewy 1/26/14

2013 Infant cured of HIV

The mother was unaware of her HIV positive and thus transferred the disease to her new born baby. As soon as the doctors were aware of her condition, doctors used the baby as a human trial. With a devastating disease on the looses the medical field is more then elated to know that after a short amount of time the virus was unable to be found and called the baby "cured." Although the medical field has taken the word "cured" and changed it to remission due to the fact that 60% of the virus stays dominate and could pop up one day hope is extremely high. The medical field has high hopes to stop this disease from spreading through other generations.Mississippi baby is still in remission even after 18 months and no more medicine.


Baby in remission

Baby now Toddler still cured

Christine Merrick 14 Jan 2014

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