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Techies in ITEC1001-17

Collaboration Assignment


  • Each student needs to submit 5 exam questions on the following page
  • The answers should be on a different page.
  • The question page should have a link to the answer page
  • The answer page should have a link back to the Study Guide
  • You can add questions for any of the three topics mentioned
  • If someone has already submitted a question do not resubmit the same question. make sure to go through the list before you add a question
  • Mention your name along with the question
  • Include your name in the address of the answer page to ensure that two students don't create the same page
    • This how Tony's answer page address looks like Answer_to_Chapter_7_Question_1_Tony
  • When making changes to a page that has stuff written on it, do not edit other students' stuff, but rather add new entries
    • Example, don't just delete what is on the page and type your question there. Just hit enter and type your question on the new line creating a new bullet item.

Thank you Tony and Marijana for creating a sample.

Other Details

  • 1 point for each unrepeated question and correct answer, that is correctly linked as specified above
  • Maximum 5 points (5 qts)
  • Start working on the assignment NOW so if you have any questions we can clear them on Thursday. It will be difficult to clear your doubts during the weekend over email.
  • Email me if you have questions, but these doubts are best cleared face to face and not via email.

Collaborative Study Guide

Final Group Project


  • You will be working in teams of two
  • Select your own team mate by tomorrow (31st october, 2007). Send me an email.
  • Select your own topic latest by 13th November. The sooner you decide your topic, more time you will have for preparing your presentation
  • Presentations on the 4th of December 2007
  • Topic can be from the list provided or your own. ALL topics need to be approved first
  • The presentation should be at least 10 minutes long
  • Use all the techniques of good presentation that you researched last time
    • One of the best presentations for that assignment was submitted by Tony and Marquitta. It can be found here
  • This project will be graded based on the content and presentation skills
    • Ideally you should be clearly addressing issues like: introduction (what is it and how it works), applications, pros and cons and more
    • Make it as interesting as possible. I may ask your peers to grade you.

List of Topics

  • Timeline of Apple Computers (History and future) Marquitta and Sahil
  • Timeline of Programming Languages (History and future)
  • Semiconductors and Integrated circuits
  • Quantum computers
  • Optical computers
  • DNA computing
  • Careers in computing
  • Supercomputers Mohit and Ronak
  • Web services Michael and Robert
  • Software/System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Computer animation Brittany Dertz and Cody Gray
  • Motion tracking Dain and Tony
  • Gaming William and Marijana
  • Face animation
  • Character animation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cryptography
  • How search engines work
  • Augmented reality
  • Caching (cache memory)
  • Holographic Environments
  • The Y2K problem Megan and Derrick
  • Smart clothes
  • Steganography Brittany Bugg and Makenzie
  • Computer forensics Benjamin and Stephanie

FinalPowerPoint Slides


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