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Welcome to ITEC1001 Introduction to Computing Fall 2010 Section 21

Basic Information

  • Instructor: Xiaofeng Gao
  • Location: C1125
  • Meeting Time: 4:00 - 5:45 pm Monday & Wednesday
  • Prerequisites: READ 0098; MATH 0099.
  • Instructor: Dr. Xiaofeng Gao; email:; Ph: 678-682-5647
  • Required Textbook: Title: Introductory Technology in Action; ISBN-10: 0135046246;

Course List

(Please keep alphabetical order by last name)

  1. Brandi Brooks
  2. Gabriella Castillo
  3. Taneiqua Cobb
  4. Shyerra Harris
  5. Latoya Irabor
  6. Leah Winters
  7. Fabiola Flores-Reyero
  8. Paula Pracz
  9. Sharonda Lewis
  10. Andrew Kelly
  11. Daniel Smith
  12. Alexis Raines
  13. Chan Keo
  14. Joshua Proctor
  15. Joshua Spyda Wheeler
  16. Leah Winters
  17. Laura Lancheros
  18. Kara Johnson
  19. Chelsea Maher
  20. Brandin Weh
  21. Aureon Heart
  22. Mario Correal

Useful links


You wiki page should have

  • Text message (for example, self intro, your favorite music, interesting stories, places your visited, etc. )
  • Graphic: need to show you know
a. how to place the picture with different alignment(center, left, right),
b. how to change the size of a picture.
  • Hyperlinks: need to have at least
a. A link to another GGC wiki page created by YOU.
b. A link to your classmate's wiki page
c. A link to an outside website
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