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The library has a handout at the Commons desk. Basically students do the following:
1.       Go to and click Visit the Personal Store
2.       Under Featured Products, click Student Media
3.       Click Office Pro Plus 2010 Student Media.
4.       To download, click the +CART button for Office Pro Plus 2010 (32- & 64 bits)
5.       To purchase a CD with the software, click the +CART for Office Pro Plus 2010 (32- & 64 bits)
6.       If you selected the download option, then you will see a screen that has a Proceed to Checkout button.
7.       Provide SRS with information about yourself as requested and choose a password. Make sure you click students as only students are eligible for the free download.
8.       In two days you will receive an email with a link to the free download. Please follow instructions carefully. You will be instructed how to remove old and trial versions of Office before installing the new product.
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