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My Background

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Hey, My name is Dzanana Cufurovic and I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia when I was six years old and currently have lived here for sixteen years. I am a sophomore here at Georgia Gwinnett College and I am majoring in Early childhood Education. I work as a assistant manager at a Kickboxing and Martial Arts school for over a year now. I do not practice martial arts but I have a eleven year old brother who does and is currently five belts away from a black belt.


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  • Soccer
  • Martial Arts


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This picture here is where I work and the Black Belt students I am surrounded by. Bowing2.jpg
This is a picture of one of the many foods in Bosnia. This is called Cevapi and is one of the most famous foods in the Bosnian culture. It is made of bread and beef sausages served with onions, sour cream, and Ajvar. Cevapi-1manje.jpg


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