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The following is humbly copied from Dr. Rowan's page!



Blender Hall of fame member Stuart Miller
Mouse Set up

General issues

The online Blender 2.59 ManualClick Here!
HOW TO: Set up the Mouse and fly around the modelClickHere
HOW TO: Start Blender 2.5ClickHere
HOW TO: Reset Blender to factory settingsClickHere
HOW TO: Save a Blender project ClickHere
HOW TO: Make a camera view windowClickHere
HOW TO: Add and Delete ObjectsClickHere
HOW TO: Add color to the objects(s)ClickHere
HOW TO: Change the output file formatClickHere
HOW TO: Render the scene as a jpeg and save that rendered image on the desktop ClickHere
HOW TO: Place an image on a Blender objectClickHere
HOW TO: Add an image as a texture to an object ClickHere
HOW TO: Place a plane behind your objects so that you can see shadowsClickHere

Translating, scaling and rotating objects

HOW TO: Select, grab, move, scale and rotate objectsClickHere
HOW TO: Use manipulator modes to select, grab, move, scale and rotate objectsClickHere

Modifying objects in Edit rather than Object mode

HOW TO: Change from OBJECT to EDIT mode & modify the shape of objects(s)ClickHere
HOW TO: Use edit mode and block grab to modify an object's vertices individuallyClickHere

Creating interesting shapes using Boolean operators

HOW TO: Do a Boolean Intersection and a Boolean Union Operation on two objects(s)ClickHere
HOW TO: Do both Boolean Difference Operations on two objects(s) ClickHere

Animating objects

HOW TO: Set keyframes to animate translation, scaling and rotationClickHere
HOW TO: Animate the cameraClickHere
HOW TO: Animate a lampClickHere
HOW TO: Change the frame rate of an animationClickHere
HOW TO: Save a rendered animation as a quicktime movieClickHere
HOW TO: Manipulate the aspect ratio and render sizeClickHere

Using Parent/Child relationships between objects

HOW TO: Use Parent/Child connections between objectsClickHere
HOW TO: Childing a spotlight to a cube, rotating the cube, childing the cube to a sphere, translating the sphereClickHere


Interface Tutorial (32 mins.) tutorials on the site

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