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Learning Aids, How to use GIMP

  • -- GIMP Essentials (this may be all you need, based on GIMP 2.8)
  • Official GIMP tutorials [here]
  • [Video] for creating an animation GIF
  • Great [tutorial] created by one of our GGC students. You should follow this one for sure.
  • Funny GIMP GIF [animation] posted on youtube, enjoy!* A nice photo repair [
  • Excellent tutorial on selection tools. It's about 20 mins. (Note, it's for Gimp 2.8 but most of it is the same for older versions)

Tutorials of Gimp Software useful in ITEC 2110

Created by a GGC Student, Based on GIMP 2.6

How To Create A Logo Tutorial

Click Here to Download Tutorial media : GIMP_Tutorial_How_To_Create_a_Logo.mp4


Older Stuff

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