ITEC2110:Fall2010:Section12:Amanda Harris:Bitmap Project

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I chose this photo I took of a Krispy Kreme sign because anyone who knows what the "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign means knows the excitement that comes with seeing it. There's nothing like a fresh, hot Krispy Kreme doughnut.



What file extensions are most common to bitmap images? Name at least 3.

.jpeg, .gif, and .bmp

Are bitmap images easier to work on than vector? Why or Why not?

Yes, because you're just dealing with pixels and simple images and animations. Vector graphics are often used in 3D animations, which tend to be more complicated.

Why are bitmap images more common in everyday usage? Include its advantages in your answer.

Bitmap images are more common because most photographs are saved in bitmap form. A bitmap file is usually smaller as well.

What were the most useful feature(s) used in GIMP that helped you with your project?

I really liked the layers feature as well as being able to select the main image using the scissors, which gave me freedom to change effects without changing the focal point of the photo.


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