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What to Do:

Interlock the fingers of your hands, and place one thumb on top of the other. Try not to think about it too much, just do what feels natural.


The brain works in two general modes. In one mode (often called ‘right-brained’), it is more intuitive, visual, and creative. In the other (often called ‘left-brained’), it is more logical, sequential, and language based. In many ways, it is like having an artist and accountant arguing in your head, and you keep flipping between the two. All of us work in both modes, but everyone naturally tends towards one or the other.

People who place their right thumb on top of their left thumb tend to be left-brain dominant, and are thus more verbal and analytical. Those placing their left thumb on top of their right thumbs tend to be a right-brain dominant, and thus excel in visual, spatial and intuitive tasks.

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