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Self Introduction

My name is Davison Wheeler, I have been out of high school and in college for the past 5 years. I graduated from Grayson high school. I started my college journey at Georgia Perimeter College when I decided I would transfer to GGC. This was for a few reasons, It's incredibly close to home, and I am able to get my Bachelors Degree here as opposed to Perimeter. I am attending GGC to get my Bachelors in History where I plan to later on teach in some form of school level. Whether it be grade school or college, I have not decided yet.

I am a very open minded person and I try to express that in things such as the music that I listen too, which is very electronic based, and the photography that I do. Photography to me is the best way for me to be able to express myself. I normally take pictures of things such as landscapes and architecture, but have been getting more and more into taking pictures of cars and people.


I consider myself a well versed person. I am into a few things, and have no problem ever trying anything new either. My hobbies include the modification of cars, Photography (this will be a side business of mine after I get my degree), and music. My biggest interest on the other hand is racing. I do not personally do it, although i would love to,but I love watching it. I have been around watching racing all my life, there are a few specific racing series that I like and try to stick too. Below is a little bit more information on my hobbies and my interests:

Car Modification

As I said above, I am into car modification. More specifically my car. I have not been able to completely modify it the way I would like, as it is my daily driver, but I have been doing the best I can. I have had this car for 5 years and have had a good slow process of getting her (my car) where I want it.

Make: Acura

Model: Integra RS

Year : 94

300px x 300px
300px x 300px
300px x 300px

This is how she sits now. There is some engine modification done to it. Swapped engine, Cold Air Intake, Header, and Exhaust. Majority of the modification has been cosmetic. I have put a lip kit on it, lowered it 2 inches, and put 16 inch wheels on her. plan on doing as much stuff as I possibly can to it. Once I am completely done with it I hope to race competitively on a racetrack. Whether it be a true race course or an auto-cross set up in a parking lot by beginner organizations it on a race track and do as many competitions as


200px x 200px
150px x 200px

As a photographer, I focus on more landscapes and architecture. I do portraits from time to time, but those are more so my specific focuses. I also try and get car and Motorsport photography in from time to time. The pictures of my car that were shown above in the "car modification" section are pictures that I took. The view that I have on photography is that shoot what you love and what interests you. Take the picture and edit it how you want, your doing it for you. Personal satisfaction in this art form is key. If someone likes your work, great, and if not, then keep on shooting.

I have already started my own business where I take pictures for people. Whether it be for portfolio's, senior pictures, or just cause, I will take pictures where ever and when ever. I am hoping to open up my own studio with my fiancé once we are both out of school and are able to. I aim for the sky when it comes photography and I will continue to grow in my skill level for years to come.

Examples of my work


300px x 300px

I am very versed in the type of music that I like. I honestly like everything except for country music. Not to say that country is a bad form of music, just to me, it all sounds the same. Recently over the past few years I have gotten more and more into electronic music. Genre's such as Drum n Bass, Trance, and Dubstep. These are all Genre's that i listen to the most. I have been around this type of music since I was in middle school as my sister was into it and then later on in my life my friends Tim, Grace, and Michael began DJ'ing and I have gotten deeper and deeper into it. I try and attend shows as much as possible and any gigs, parties, or events that my friends. I love this type of music as it allows a lot more freedom of expression then any other form of music.

Some artists I like and listen to the most when it comes to this type of music are these artists: Deadmau5, Spor, Bassnector, Subfocus, and Tiesto. These artists to me have the best sounds when it comes to the music that they make and allow the person listening to it to get really into it.


300px x 300px

Formula One Racing

Formula One racing is the best of the best when it comes to racing. All of the best European manufacturers in the world compete in this series. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the races back in the year 2000 when I was in the eighth grade when they raced at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They raced at this track to 2005 when sponsorship for the race fell through and they stopped racing at this track. There are now talks to bring it back stateside but nothing has been set in stone yet.

300px x 300px

American Le Mans Series

The American Le Mans Series is a racing series that is here in the United States. Based off of a sanctioning body that is centered out of France, they race all around the United States. The home race track for the series is located in Braselton, Ga. This track is 45 minutes from my home and I try to attend the race that is done here every year as much as I can. The race that is done there is the Petit Le Mans, it is a 10 hour or 1000 mile race. Its a great experience for anyone to go to.

My Projects

My Podcast Poject

MY Bitmap and Gif Project

My Video Project

Davisons 3D Blender Animation Project

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