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Me in ITEC 2110 Class



This page began as a requirement for my Digital Media class. Since then, I have realized how helpful it is to have a wiki page to contain my class notes, information, and projects. Due to this, I have made this my homepage for my GGC Wiki and links to my notes, projects, and other information will continue to be added here.

About Me

My name is Desiree' Nicole Delgado and I am currently considered a Senior here at GGC and am set to graduate this Fall. I lived in 13 different states before I turned 5 and am currently up to 17 states since then and I wasn't an Army brat, my family was in construction so I was a construction brat! We finally settled down in Lawrenceville, Georgia when I started school and ended up in Suwanee, Georgia by the time I graduated high school. From high school, I went into the United States Army. Eventually I wound back up in Georgia and went to work for some civilian companies only to realize that I was no longer used to that environment and decided to go back to school in order to further my career. After a lot of consideration, I am hoping to enter the corporate finance world and eventually get into risk management. In the long, long, long run, I hope to retire in Monterey, California and take over a corner bookstore out there if it still exists!
Our Family Dogwood in Suwanee, GA
Crazy Mountain Ranch Montana
Rainforest Cafe in San Francisco, California

Images - Our Family Dogwood in Suwanee, GA (left), My Friend and I in Monterey, California (center), and Crazy Mountain Ranch in Montana (right)


I like all types of music though I am particularly fond of Country and 80's Rock. I like songs that have a point and lyrics that mean something other then sex, drugs, jail, and killing people. Not saying that those things cannot be in a good song, but typically they're part of a story in the lyrics rather then entire song. One of my favorite songs is the original "Simple Man" by Lynard Skynard. The lyrics are moving, the melody is soothing, and in the end it is just a wonderful song. Typically, I listen to different songs based on my mood at the moment. When I'm happy, I like pop music. When I'm hyper and need to calm down, I like mellow music like Nora Jones. When I'm angry, I like rap (mainly Eminem). Overall though, music is a huge part of my life and I don't like being without it for long!

Image - Lynard Skynard courtesy of


My hobbies are very diverse but my first love is reading and writing. I read and write a little bit of everything and I have found that it helps me keep grounded whenever things begin to get a bit out of hand. In addition, I love traveling, I've found that learning another person's language, customs, and culture is amazing and always appreciated; however, it is the wealth of knowledge that you gain that fills you with an appreciation for the world and its people. Of course, I cannot forget my love of animals and my work with them. I used to do all types of volunteer work with animals from kittens and puppies to horses. I still do independent work when I run across a stray though I have had to slow down. I was raised with cats, dogs, goats, horses, ferrets, raccoons, squirrels, and all types of animals (except snakes!) at our house growing up and have always been thankful for the experience. In addition, there are the typical things that people like that I do as well, including: jet-skiing, horseback riding, camping, movies, music, and UGA Football just to name a few things.
Animal Collage
Lake Lanier

Change People

Image - Animal Collage (left)courtesy of, Lake Lanier (right)courtesy of, People of the World (center)courtesy of


ITEC 1001 - This was a page for my first ITEC class here at GGC.
Class Wiki Page - Fall 2010-12 Wiki Page
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Class Notes - notes from class.


PodCast Project
Bitmap Project with GIMP
"The Dog Tales" Video Project
"Poor Snowman" Blender Project

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