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It's All About.....

So that's me...Gabriella Briceno, but most people just know me as Gaby. I'm 22 (23 next week for anyone wanting to buy me a gift) and I live out by the Mall of GA with my phenomenal boyfriend, Josh. And my very high maintainance, mountain lion-sized cat, Mr.Bigglesworth (we usually just call him "Meow"). He likes getting into EVERYTHING! Especially boxes... and usually ones that are too small for him.

Gotta Make That Money$$$

So, as far as work goes, I have a pretty cool job working at 37 Main in downtown Buford. I get to listen to live rock bands everyday and it's a really laid back atmosphere. It's the only place I've worked where we get a HUGE houseboat for the employees, equipped with a live band and a ridiculous amount of alcohol and go to the lake a party all day... for a company function. It's a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work too. For any of you that have come up to the bar, you know it can get pretty crazie in there. But all the drunk

people do keep in interesting.

Since I work at a bar, I obviously like bartending, as I'm sure alot of you do. If you ever want to customize your own bar keys, this site it AWESOME!!! And cheap! They have cool ones to buy, or create your own from scratch. Check it out! BA Bar Keys!

Mi Familia

Well I'm sure you can tell from my name that my family isn't from here. My dad's whole side of the family is from Peru!!! He's been trying to get me to visit for pretty much my whole life, and I was finally able to this past summer after school let out. A week and a half is not enough time to spend your first time in a different country like that. Its really amazing to see a completely different culture, and fantastic that I could spend time with my grandmother. I never see her since she lives in Lima, and she just turned 91!! My dad's godson took me to see a lot of fascinating places and it's definetly nice to havea somewhat english speaking ally in a place like that- they definetly dont make most of the signs bilingual like we do.

Keepin' Up With The Class

If you like seeing what your classmates are about, or just want to get to know them better, take a look at their Wiki pages! They've done a lot of cool stuff. This kid, for instance, sits next to me in two classes and he seems like a pretty cool guy. At least he listens to his ipod loud enough so I can hear, too! It's so much better than the other people trying to play 80's in lab. Thanx bro!! :)

Meet Davison Wheeler!

Umm... this is a RaNdoM PiX PAgE!!!

And for ANY other thing you can't find in life, I always say.... Google It!

Project Time!





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