ITEC2110:Fall2010:Section12:Haley Ridgeway: Bitmap Project

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Part One:


Part Two:



What file extensions are most common to bitmap images? Name at least 3. The most common are .jpg, .gif, and .bmp

Are bitmap images easier to work on than vector? Why or Why not? Yes, especially for this project. Bitmap images are pixel based, while vector images are mathematically based. Bitmap images are 2- dimensional and are easy to edit. When working with 3-dimensional objects, vectors are easier to edit.

Why are bitmap images more common in everyday usage? Include its advantages in your answer. Bitmap images are more commonly used because they are 2-dimensional and are used in most electronics today, like digital cameras. Advantages of bitmap images are that they are easy to edit, have a smaller file size, and have interchangeable file formats.

What were the most useful feature(s) used in GIMP that helped you with your project? For both parts of the assignment, the layering feature was the most useful. They allowed me to stay organized while completing the assignment. The filter had many different options that were fun to look at and preview my photo with.

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