ITEC2110:Fall2010:Section12:Lauren Mullins: BITMAP PROJECT

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Original Pic.JPGBlurredbg.jpgBlack background.jpg
Flowerframe.jpgFlowersignature.jpgMy pic.jpg

Originalbeach.jpgBlurred22.jpgBlack background 2.jpg
Bordered 2.jpgSpookysignature 2.jpgSpooky.jpg

Heart Motion123.gif

Project Reflection

What file extensions are most common to bitmap images? Name at least 3. Three popular file extensions for bitmap images are .jpg, .gif, and .tiff.

Are bitmap images easier to work on than vector? Why or Why not? It all depends on what the editor is doing. Vectors are based on equations and if the image is 3D than vectors are needed. Bitmap however is filled with pixels and can be hard to “match up” edited work. It is all up to the editors prederance.

Why are bitmap images more common in everyday usage? Include its advantages in your answer. Most everyday used electronics, such as cameras are made with a bitmap format. We learned easier that the bitmap images have a smaller file size and they are eaier to save. They also allow for more versatile editing.

What were the most useful feature(s) used in GIMP that helped you with your project? For my photos I used, I am very farmiliar with this program and I used the blur function, teeth whitener, border function, black and white function, boost function, text function, and also stamps and the Halloween functions for my second set of pictures. I did use Gimp for my animation though and I had to teach myself how to use the program. I ended up using the layering process along with the filler bucket, paint brush, and pencil tools and also the text function.

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