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Lab 01: Wiki Editing (due 11:30pm, August 31st, 2010)


Create your own wiki page


You should link your wiki page to Class List
You wiki page should have
  • Text message (for example, self intro, your favorite music, interesting stories, places your visited, etc. )
  • Graphic: need to show you know
a. how to place the picture with different alignment(center, left, right),
b. how to change the size of a picture.
  • Hyperlinks: need to have at least
a. A link to another GGC wiki page created by YOU.
b. A link to your classmate's wiki page
c. A link to an outside website
  • Audio (Once you finish your Audio Project)
  • Video (Once you finish your Movie Project)

Grading Policy:

Many students asked "Is this OK?" "This is what you want?"
To give you a better idea about the grading, please click and download the rubrics.
You could also visit the wiki pages created by previous students. Click Class List for those examples.

How to edit Wiki:

The following links may help you to edit your Wiki page:

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