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What's game design?

Click here to know more about game design

Project 4

You will be creating a game using GameMaker.

What you will need to do:

  • Download GameMaker software from the GameMaker site (if they are not free anymore, download the one that is provided in D2L):
  • Videos on how to do use GameMaker for game design
video 1
video 2
You can find more tutorials from Youtube

Game Design (30 points)

Design a game for this project. It can be your favorite game or a simplified game that you played before. Or you even can use the game tutorials that are posted on the official GameMaker tutorial website (except these we did in class) or GameMaker User Guide tutorial here. When you design your game, make sure your game has

  • one or more players (5 points)
  • objectives or goals (5 points)
  • at least a way to interact with the game (5 points)
  • at least a way to engage players (5 points)
  • at least a way to lose the game (5 points)
  • at least a way to win the game (5 points)

Game Implementation(60 points)

Implement your game using GameMaker. When finished your game must have the followings.

  • At least 10 sprites (-10 points if less than 10 sprites)
  • At least 5 objects (-10 points if less than 5 objects)
  • At least 2 sounds (-5 points if less than 2 sounds)
  • At least one room (-5 points if no room)
  • At least one score system is used to display scores for players (-5 points if no score)
  • At least one background image for your game (-5 points if no background image)
  • At least 10 events for all the objects (-10 points if less than 10 events)
  • At least 20 actions for all the objects(-10 points if less than 20 actions)
  • When play your game, pressing F1 will pop up the information about how to play your game (-10 points if no such help information)
  • All the contents of your game MUST be appropriate for general public. If not, the grade for your project will be 0 (-100 points).

Submission ( 10 points)

  • Deadline for submission of this project is
    • 11:59PM, Thursday, 12/03/2015
  • Do not be late. You lose 10 points for each day that your submission is late.

  • Submission Requirements:
    • submit the .gmk file to D2L dropbox-> Project-game folder.
    • Take two scree shots of your game and post the two images (in PNG format) to your wiki page;

Additional Tips and Resources

Sample Games Made By GGC Students

Exmaple 1

Click here to play this game (Created by Carver, Matthew A).
Mcarver-screenshot1.png Mcarver-screenshot2.png

Exmaple 2

Click here to play this game (Created by Nissy David).
Ndavid1 - Help Chi - Level 1.png Ndavid1 - Help Chi - Level 3.png

Exmaple 3

Click here to play this game (Created by Kim, Theresa H).
Tkim2-project3-screenshot1.png Tkim2-project3-screenshot2.png

Exmaple 4

Click here to play this game (Created by Kohlhaas, Matthew R).
Mkohlhaa hyperion shot01.png Mkohlhaa hyperion shot02.png

Exmaple 5

Click here to play this game (Created by Buchan, Samuel).
SamsMario2.png SamMario1.png

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