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Class List


The purpose of this activity is to create/edit your wiki.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the various applications of Web technologies.
  2. Create a new wiki page, edit an existing wiki page, link images, link to files, link to internal and external web pages.

Detailed Description

  1. Log in to GGC’s wiki with your user id (
  2. Go to your section’s home page. Read the wiki instructions from “Course Resources”. The most important sections for this session are:
    • Starting a new page
    • Basic formatting
    • Headings
    • Lists
    • Links
    • Multimedia
  3. Click on the “Edit ” link at the top of the page so you can add an internal link to your name under the “class list” by using the code: [[User: yourGGCid|Jennifer Cruz ]].
  4. Save the page.
  5. Click on the link to your home page.
  6. Divide your user page into 7 major sections (Major sections headings begin and end with ==). For example, you could choose:
    • Background
    • My Interests
    • Favorite links
    • Favorite Photos
    • Favorite Audioss
    • Favorite Videos
    • ITEC2110 Digital Media Projects
  7. The Background section should be a paragraph that provides some information about you. Please remember that this is a public website and anyone can access this information. NOTE: Do not indent or add space or tab at the beginning of the paragraph.
  8. The Interests section should consist of a bulleted list of your interests/hobbies.
  9. The Favorite Links section should consist of a numbered list of links to your favorite external websites.
  10. Upload and add an image to your Favorite Photo section.
  11. Upload and add an audio file to your Favorite Audios section.
  12. Upload and add an video file to your Favorite Videos section.
  13. Preview your work. Make adjustments if necessary.
  14. Wiki reference Card
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