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Graphic Project



The purpose of this project is to perform a variety of super special awesomely awesome modifications to a bitmap image. Once you have familiarize yourself with the tutorials below, you should be able to crop, blur, change colors, add borders, and add your signature to an image making it your own unique creation. Due: 2/20, 2017

Project Requirements:

As you perform each modification to your image, you must save them as you go along so you may display your progression:

  • Original Image
  • Blurred Image
  • B&W Background Image
  • Bordered Image
  • Final Product with Signature Image(Your name and Date)
  • Animated Image(Use the 4 different images in the table)

This is a total of (6) Images(name image's name to username_p1_OriginalImage, etc) ,You will use a table to house the images, a (3) column x (2) row table.


  • Find your name (the one your were born with) in the following table and download corresponding image to your computer. Use the Template to create your project 1 page (Name your page name to username_2110_P1). You should already have the project list in your homepage (create the list if you don't have one). Find your homepage from the class list page in our class homepage. Upload all images and make necessary modification.
  • Link the name in the following table to your project 1 page.

Wmao2017 clinton.jpgWmao2017 bush.jpgWmao2017 obama.jpg Wmao2017 trump.jpg

Tutorials of Gimp Software

The program you will be using for your project is Gimp. Gimp is a [free download-able] program for both Mac and PC. There are additional/separate patches and add-ons available for Gimp.However, for this project all requirements may be completed with the original install of v.2.8 Gimp. Review the tutorial links below to learn how to perform the required image modifications.

  • NOTE: For best quality, click on HQ button in YouTube window.

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