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Video Project Instructions

Use a video camera or digital camera to capture some video clips, import the clips to Movie Maker and make a 4 - 5 minutes film.

  • Come up with a storyline & draft script
  • Video shooting
  • Video editing using MovieMaker
    • Resource
      • Click here for tutorial on Windows MovieMaker
    • Trim unnecessary video clips
    • Add title to your video
    • Add transition effects
    • Add credits to your video
    • Add still images to your video
    • Add background music to your video
  • Record voice-over for your video using Audacity
  • Replace the sound of your video with the voice-over you recorded in the above step
  • Adjusting the sound volume for each sound clip so that the mixed sound can be heard clearly
  • Export your video as a movie(as wmv or mp4, not wlmp file), name it GGCID_S27P3.mp4.
  • Upload it and make link to your name in the following link.
  • If your video file is greater than 65MB, you need to upload in YouTube and link it to your name in the following list.
  • If you don't have a video camera, you can use your cell phone or you can borrow a camera from the GGC library.
  • You can use images and video clips from other sources. For instance, youtube. But you must acknowledge everything you borrowed.
  • Keep in mind, everything you borrowed from other sources should be less than 50% of your video.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Total Length(including title, credit, etc): 4-5 minutes(-5 if more than 5 min, -5 if less than 4 min)
  2. There must be a title at the beginning for your movie(-5 if missing)
  3. There must be at least 3 different clips/scenes, at least two must be your own shooting and must be at least 70% of the video (-10 for each missing)
  4. You can keep part of the audio from your recorded video, for example, the voice of someone you interviewed in the video. But you must have some audio clips recorded using audacity and used in your video. (-25 if no audacity audio)
  5. There should be transitions between the scenes... (-10 if missing)
  6. There must be credits at the end (-5 if missing)
  7. A background music is needed when there is no narration (Do not use a whole sound track from an album, you may violate its copyright and youtube will remove your sound after you uploaded the video.) (-10 is missing)
  8. At least two still images are used in your video (-10 is missing)
  9. At the end of your movie when you give credits to the people who contributed to your movie.


Choose one topic from the following list for your movie.

  1. A piece of news broadcast
  2. Education makes the difference
  3. GGC, a college of tomorrow
  4. Drive safely
  5. What I can do for my parents

Remember, a topic is not necessary the title of your movie, although your movie needs to focus on the topic you picked. Also, if you have a good idea about something else for your movie, talk to your instructor first. If everything is appropriate, you may be allowed to do what you come up for this project.

Examples done by GGC students

  1. example 1: "GNN news"
  2. example 2: "Distraction Free Driving"
  3. example 3: "The Drop Out"

Submission (Due: 5/5/2017, Friday)

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