ITEC2110:Spring2008:Section 1 and 2:Goals and Objectives

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College Goals

ITEC2110:Digital Media contributes to the following college-wide goals and lesson objectives.

Integrated Educational Experience Goals

  • Demonstrate effective use of information technology.
  • Demonstrate an ability to collaborate in diverse and global contexts.
  • Demonstrate creativity and critical thinking in inter- and multi-disciplinary contexts.
  • Clearly communicate ideas in written and oral form.

General Educational Lesson Objectives

  • Understand and effectively use information technology.
  • Demonstrate critical and creative thinking.
  • Clearly communicate ideas in written and oral form.

Course Goals

Understand various forms of digital media in the Internet environment.

  • Build digital media documents as a communication tool in the Internet environment.
  • Publish digital media documents in the Internet.
  • Apply multimedia in digital media publication.
  • Evaluate digital media.
  • Understand legal issues on digital media.
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