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Your Grade

WebCT always contains your current grade in the class, and the portion of your grade that has been determined. It is your responsibility to check your grade frequently and monitor your progress in the course. If your grade ever drops below 70%, please schedule a time to talk to me. We will talk about what you are doing to prepare for class and discuss strategies for improving your performance. Since this class is cumulative, it is imperative that you schedule a meeting as soon as you start to fall behind.

Grading Scale

A - 90-100%
B - 80-89%
C - 70-79%
D - 60-69%
F - 0-59%

Grading Weights

Your grade in this course is a combination of your mastery of the concepts and your steady work. The daily reading quizzes make sure you are prepared for every class. The tests measure your individual mastery of the concepts. The projects give you a more flexible way to demonstrate that you understand the concepts covered in the readings and lectures.

Quizzes - 20%

We will have weekly quizzes (approximately 16). The quiz grades will be averaged to compute your Quiz grade. You will be able to drop your lowest quiz score). Each quiz with worth 0.5% of your grade, and your best 40 quizzes are used to compute your quiz grade.

Projects - 30%

There will be at least 4 projects given during the semester. The weights of these projects will be given below. Details about the projects will be forthcoming as the semester progresses.

Tests - 30%

  • Test 1 - 7.5%
  • Test 2 - 7.5%
  • Test 3 - 7.5%
  • Test 4 - 7.5%

Final Exam - 20%

Your final exam is comprehensive and can be used to replace your lowest test grade if it improves your overall score.


If a request is made for any scored material to be reassessed, please recognize that it will be possible to retain, gain, or lose points in the reassessment process. Make any reassessment requests by e-mail within one (1) week of grading. Please make a follow-up appointment to meet the instructor during office hours for review of the results of any reassessment. A request for reassessment will not be granted if more than a week has passed since the grade in question was posted. Check your grades in WebCT regularly.

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