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GA Tech

- Tech's website is fine.

Anna Boynton

Georgia Tech covers everything needed for current students, future students, visitors, parents. The main page is simple, easy to navigate, and appealing to the eye. Location (3 secs), history (5 secs), school map (2 secs), and calendar (6 secs) are all clearly linked on the main page. Faculty directory (10 secs) under the Offices & Departments link.

Josh Higgins

  • GA Tech's website is fine. 5 secs
  • There directions to get to certain things are easy to follow, due to the tabs on the left of the webpage. 10 secs
  • They have the right balance between image and textual content. (just looking at pages about 15 secs)
  • All of the content is straightforward and honest. 5 secs
  • The sites color support that of the team color, gold. 5 secs
  • They even have local news articles on the homepage. 10-15 secs

Michael Meehan

Time to access: Name of college: 04 seconds Majors avaliable: 19 seconds Location: 29 seconds Calendar: 23 seconds Search bar: 04 seconds

Site overview: Good colors easy for readers to view. Good quality graphics and multimedia. Easy site to surf.


Ga Tech website is good found everything I was looking for

  • They won a National Championship in football last in 1990- 38sec.
  • They have a new business major an MBA-2min
  • Location with map accessible on 1st page-10sec.

Matt gilbert

The website was good found everything I was looking for in 4 minutes and 13 seconds. I was looking for:

  • Name of school
  • Location - city and address
  • Fees for tuition - (This consumed a majority of the time had to follow many links to find actual dollar amounts.)
  • Requirements for admission
  • Majors available

Georgia Gwinnett College

- Too image based
- Not enough on future advancement
- Only three headlines can fit on the homepage,
  and usually headlines aren't important.

Anna Boynton

The Georgia Gwinnett College website is easy to navigate for a current student, not a visitor. Graphics are polished and make the school seem more professional. Location-8 secs, small print hard to find at the bottom of the page, links to google maps History-4 secs, drop down menu helpful Campus map-5 secs, drop down menu, Campus Life tab offers many links including a map paired with directions Faculty directory-9 secs, hard to find, under a confusing tab (About GGC), Calendar-5 secs, academic calendar available under the Apply tab, helps future students keep track of their application process in relation to current terms


Steven Pingel

Search bar - 1 second Tuition - 1 Minute Contact Info. - 15 seconds History - 5 Seconds Sports - 3 Seconds

Richard Thomas

  • Majors-10sec, Site Map-40sec, Admission Cost-50sec, Tuition Cost55sec, Calender 20secs

Steven Pingel

Search Bar - 1 second History - 2 seconds Sports - 5 seconds Tuition - 15 seconds Contact Info. - 8 seconds

Eric Ahmed

  • Banner-8 Seconds (A hyperlink to Banner should be placed under Student Intranet)
  • Search Bar- 1 Second
  • Majors->Business->Finance-3 Seconds
  • Contact Information - 8 Seconds (The link is hidden away in small text at the bottom of the homepage)

GA State

Jane and Katie: need to put a link to apply on the home page. Organization is kinda weird (top menu and side menus)

Shavonne and Julie: did not have easy access to a student handbook.


1. To cluttered

2. Difficult to navigate

3. To many links


1. Simplify the page by including only the most important information.

2. Employ a drop down box type aplication to simplify navigation and linking.

(James, Tim, and Nathan)

All of the " Popular Links" on the homepage are focused for new students, not for the current students. You basically have to search forever to find what you are looking for. (Justin and Torrey)

  • Clubs- Can't be found anywhere on main page

Jared Thompson

  • Online Application: 39 sec
  • Classes offered: 3 min 56 sec
  • Available Majors: 12 sec
  • Location/Contact Info: 28 sec
  • Tuition Costs/Fees: 19 sec

Michigan State University

Functionality and Ease of Use

  • One picture on main page gives appearance of preservation site, not school
  • Majors aren't distinctly listed as link (wording confusing)

Visual Identification

  • No mascot on homepage

Tenisha Jeffrey

  • Clubs (1 min.)- Can't be found anywhere on front page. Once found is very organized and each department has its own web page. Not very much information giving on each individual clubs.
  • On campus work (20 sec.)- Very easy to find. A location on main pages side bar for easy access.
  • Location (still on going)- Can't find a location anywhere on web site.
  • School Map ( 9 sec.)- Easily found on main pages side bar. Gives updated information on detailed campus map, driving directions, and popular destinations on campus on separate maps.
  • Calender (28 sec.)

John Estrada

  • Not many pictures of student activities
  • Home page seems to plain
  • Took me about 3 minutes to find the tuition, classes offered, location, majors, and a few pictures of student activities

GA Perimeter


  • Everything clumped together
  • Almost impossible to find anything useful on this site
  • Visual organization everything is off center
  • Passwords assigned to any account is very unsecure
  • No direct links have to click on a link to get to the page to where you can click on the link you wanted


  • Too many inline frames
  • Use different colors?
  • Menus clumped together
  • Flash animations distracting
  • Too many blocks of text confusing

Lisa, Asma, Jose:

1. Hard to get to the library's part of the website.

2. No list of the campuses on main page.

3. Very white, could be light yellow or something.

4. The links are all over the place, they should either be on the top, or the side, but definitely all together.

5. No link for a directory.


Katie and Jane:GA State's Website has a lot more information for students. GA State Website

  • Not indicative of a "Campus of Tomorrow" (i.e. layout lacks creativity, media is not interactive, browsing methods are archaic).
  • No visible site help on the homepage.

Josh Higgins

  • getting to the site. 3-5 secs
  • going to the majors. 5 secs
  • looking through the course catalog. 2 mins
  • finding price of admission. 1 min
  • checking the different technical ways for students.

Geremy and Brad

James, Tim, and Nathan


1. It always opens a new window.

2. Applications are not dependable

3. Web site is not updated very often

4. It's over complicated to get to specific areas of the site.


1. Set the page to navigate to the new page rather than open a new window.

2. Moniter applications for consistancy and fix any problems that may accur.

3. Update the web site more often.

4. Link important areas to the main page.

GA Southern

1) It seem plain

2) Most of the links do not work

Ashley Cunningham

Georgia Southern University

  • The majors weren't labeled as I was expecting, which made it confusing to tell what was graduate and what wasn't.
  • The admission took a while and several pages to reach.
  • The site said it had the university's history, but it didn't have it at all.
  • It didn't list the total costs for classes and the like.
  • It didn't have directions to the location.
  • Some of the different topics seemed to overlap with each other.


1) It would be nice to have a place for student to go where Web CT and banner and your email account is there.


Justin Scheidt & Torrey Cantrell icon that is a direct link.

  • It should also have a direct link to your email. Solution: To the right of the homepage have a log in.
  • The number to the registrar should be on the homepage. Solution: Post the number of the registrar on the homepage.
  • Dont have us routed to help desk when you click tech serve. Solution: Have it routed correctly.
  • Redesign the homepage. Solution: try a different layout or color scheme.

Mark Minor

  • history-10 seconds
  • application- 1 minute
  • Majors-5 seconds

GGC vs Ga Tech website

William Anderson

  • Clubs- Ga Tech Website 30 seconds to find. GGC Website 20 seconds to find.
  • Calendar- Ga Tech has a calendar on the front page. GGC Website 30 seconds to find.
  • Location- Both websites 15 seconds to find.
  • Name of School- Both websites displayed the info on the front page.
  • Parking- Tech Website about 2 minutes. GGC website about 1 minute.

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