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About Me

My name is Jessica Ragle, most people call me Jessie but I'm not too picky. I am currently a junior at Georgia Gwinnett College studying psychology. My main interests are in the social and developmental aspects of psychology. My ultimate goal is to become a Middle School Guidance Counselor. Along with going to school, I also bartend full time at The Fieldhouse. In all my spare time, I love to go to concerts, listen to music, travel to any and everywhere, and spend time with my family and animals. I have 2 dogs, a golden retriever named Charlie and a pit bull mix named Miller. I also have 2 cats that I've adopted named Merlyn and Dixie. I love my friends, but also love to meet new people.

Places I've Been

Every summer my mom and I take a trip to somewhere we've never been usually to watch the Braves play in a stadium we've never been too. So far we've followed them to San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. This summer we're hoping to go to Boston and/or Arizona and Colorado. Aside from following the Braves, I've also cruised Alaska twice and been to Seattle twice. I thoroughly enjoyed it both times. Other places I've been fortunate to visit include New York, Boston, Texas, Oklahoma, Portland Oregon, and of course the surrounding states that have beaches:)


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